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12 Reasons You Should Visit Finland At Least Once In Your Life

3. Communication Is Easy

Like the rest of its Scandinavian neighbors, Finland’s official business language is English. The added layer of having to navigate a foreign country where English is not widely spoken is not an issue at all in this country, allowing you to stress about other things — like where to eat and what to see.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


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4. Uses The Euro As Its Currency

Unlike its Scandinavian neighbors, Finland uses the Euro. This makes it easy if you are visiting Western Europe before or after your trip up north. Having the Euro as currency means that Finland is the cheapest Nordic destination, which will make budget travelers rejoice.


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5. There Is An Advanced Technology Infrastructure In Place

Finland is famous for having the world’s largest number of cell phones and internet nodes per capita. This country is also is known for leading the way with information technology in Europe. In fact, Finland comes in second to the USA.


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6. Virtually Crime Free

The extremely low-level of crime makes Finland an ideal place for solo travelers, families and elderly travelers who might feel more vulnerable than others in cities that are known to have their fair share of crime. Helsinki, the capital city, has been named the second safest city in the world.


PC: Wikapedia

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