Waste to energy advanced technologies

As a large firm of consulting engineers, we are active in many fields and our services are available in all parts of the world. In addition to development banks, commercial banks, private investors and industrial enterprises, our clients principally include public institutions such as ministries, local government agencies and research institutes. Another major circle of clients is composed of public- and private-sector infrastructure service providers such as power companies, municipal utilities, water and sanitation companies, waste disposal enterprises and transport companies.

WPP also operates a variety of independent power plants designed to generate electricity using an assortment of fuels, including waste wood, tires, waste coal and natural gas. In addition to producing electricity, some of these facilities also produce steam sold to nearby government and commercial establishments.

We Specialize

WPP offer a complete turnkey solution for waste to energy power plants from 4-1200 MW and bio-fuels production core business, our team of engineering professionals has the specialized expertise and depth of knowledge to meet the demands of our clients in the power generation industry. From troubleshooting and upgrading power plants facilities, to relocating entire power plants at a project’s site, WPP offers specialized products and services that are tailored to our customers’ needs and designed to meet their goals and objectives.

WPP knows power plants systems and bio-fuels productions, offers alternatives that can keep your project within budget without compromising exceptional results. Contact us to learn more about our waste to energy power plant services.

We Customize

WPP can customize all solutions to address specific goals, objectives and tasks. As a versatile engineering services provider, WPP can provide complete solutions to your project— from start to finish. Given our longevity and experience, our engineering professionals are equipped to combine unique requirements into every aspect of the project plan.

WPP and its team of engineering professionals have the experience necessary to provide solutions for any customization project. 


This document only touches on the capabilities of WPP Power, our associated companies and our partners. We strive to look at all plant installations, field service projects, commissioning projects, transmission and distribution as well as repairs from the owner and end user point of view and we work in partnership with our client, the owner, operator, end user as a integral part of their team.

We at WPP look forward to assisting with your power plant projects, oilfield installations, water and wastewater treatment needs and we also provide control, automation and component maintenance services as well. For early stage proposals, we will also provide conceptual studies, pre-design investigations and studies and more to provide you with detailed information upon which to base sound investment decisions and operational strategies.



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